Technical Threads

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Technical Threads

Smart textiles are intelligent textiles with special functional properties. They form the interface between technology and textiles. The functionality is integrated directly into the textile structure. Embroidery is particularly suitable for implementing many of the desired functionalities in a targeted manner. With HC (High Conductive), MADEIRA offers the required highly conductive embroidery thread. HC40 and HC12 are skin-friendly, comfortable, biocompatible, washable and therefore ideal for the production of smart textiles. Among the precious metals, silver has the best electrical and thermal conductivity and also has antimicrobial and antistatic properties.
Technical Threads

Art. no.:4100000 Make up: 2500M

Art. no.:410SMP Make up: 250M

Art. no.:4200000 Make up: 1000M

Art. no.:420SMP Make up: 250M