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MADEIRA´s new FIRE FIGHTER 40 thread does not catch fire but sparks trends! FIRE FIGHTER 40 is a flame and heat resistant embroidery thread which is indispensable to motor sport clothing, workwear and protective clothing. FIRE FIGHTER 40 is also used to embroider seat cushions of airplanes and wherever special safety aspects are essential. FIRE FIGHTER complies with ISO standards ISO-6941 / ISO 15025 and is available in 25 rich and popular colours. Resulting in confidence and power for the sponsors. When using FIRE FIGHTER 40, don´t forget to ensure the bobbin thread is also suitably flame retardant: MADEIRA´s special 100% Aramid bobbin thread.

Color:1845 Art. no.:922N1845 Make up: 950M

Color:1851 Art. no.:922N1851 Make up: 950M

Color:1651 Art. no.:922N1651 Make up: 950M

Color:1965 Art. no.:922N1965 Make up: 950M

Color:1838 Art. no.:922N1838 Make up: 950M

Color:1747 Art. no.:922N1747 Make up: 950M

Color:1784 Art. no.:922N1784 Make up: 950M

Color:1815 Art. no.:922N1815 Make up: 950M

Color:1874 Art. no.:922N1874 Make up: 950M

Color:1977 Art. no.:922N1977 Make up: 950M

Color:1842 Art. no.:922N1842 Make up: 950M

Color:1643 Art. no.:922N1643 Make up: 950M

Color:1924 Art. no.:922N1924 Make up: 950M

Color:1624 Art. no.:922N1624 Make up: 950M

Color:1725 Art. no.:922N1725 Make up: 950M

Color:1957 Art. no.:922N1957 Make up: 950M

Color:1859 Art. no.:922N1859 Make up: 950M

Color:1884 Art. no.:922N1884 Make up: 950M

Color:1682 Art. no.:922N1682 Make up: 950M

Color:1803 Art. no.:922N1803 Make up: 950M

Color:1610 Art. no.:922N1610 Make up: 950M

Color:1918 Art. no.:922N1918 Make up: 950M

Color:1640 Art. no.:922N1640 Make up: 950M

Color:1800 Art. no.:922N1800 Make up: 950M