FS No. 50 5000M

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FS No. 50 5000M

The finest of all metallic embroidery threads. Smooth MADEIRA FS No. 50 is perfect for fine details and lettering and for stitching on fine fabrics in the same way as MADEIRA Classic No. 60 and PolyNeon No. 60. Optimum results using the correct punching techniques and needles can now be achieved even on new, lightweight, closely woven materials.

FS No. 50 5000M

Color:5011 Art. no.:9885011 Make up: 5000M

Color:5010 Art. no.:9885010 Make up: 5000M

Color:5002 Art. no.:9885002 Make up: 5000M

Color:5004 Art. no.:9885004 Make up: 5000M

Color:5005 Art. no.:9885005 Make up: 5000M

Color:5006 Art. no.:9885006 Make up: 5000M

Color:5003 Art. no.:9885003 Make up: 5000M

Color:5007 Art. no.:9885007 Make up: 5000M