FS No.12 1200m

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FS No.12 1200m

THE DETERMINATOR! The probably most resistant effect sewing thread worldwide. Can be washed up to 95 ° C. Even chlorine- and peroxide-containing detergents are no problem for FS No.12. This extremely robust thread is ideal for all effect seams on heavily stressed materials, especially for innovative functional fabrics of the leisure and sports goods industry. The metal coating of pure silver gives the decorative seams on fashion accessories and accessories a classic elegance.

Color:1222 Art. no.:9991222 Make up: 1200M

Color:1291 Art. no.:9991291 Make up: 1200M

Color:1260 Art. no.:9991260 Make up: 1200M

Color:1231 Art. no.:9991231 Make up: 1200M

Color:1232 Art. no.:9991232 Make up: 1200M

Color:1237 Art. no.:9991237 Make up: 1200M

Color:1228 Art. no.:9991228 Make up: 1200M